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About the Author
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About the Book

About the Book

The Bridge to the 21st Century:
Reflections on the Soul of a Nation

ISBN # 0-9702967-0-3
312 Pages—$12.00—Includes postage and handling

“As we plunge into the new millennium, events will no doubt test us. It could come in the form of a collapse in our own economy. It could come from outside our borders...We have now crossed the “Bridge,” and stand just barely inside the third millennium. We stand as never before at the end of the known. All we can be sure of is that the future will not be what we think.”

In The Bridge to the 21st Century: Reflections on the Soul of a Nation, author Cary Coole ponders the development of two Americas. One is founded in the past with strong rooted values from our national heritage; the other America began emerging during the sixties and seventies. In this new America, traditional American values are constantly being assaulted.

2004 is an election year, and it’s critical that we, as Americans, get our act together. Never has the truth of our future been better predicted by the phrase, “united we stand, divided we fall.”

Let’s begin by simply reflecting back on our past…the past one hundred years, particularly the past fifty years. Many might be surprised.

Starting on New Year's Eve, turn of the century, Coole takes us on a tug-of-war for the soul of a nation. Part memoir and part history, this is a look at America not from the bastions of academia, but from the spirit of the heartland.

What people are saying about…

The Bridge to the 21st Century
Reflections on the Soul of a Nation

“D.B., our CFO, came into my office this morning and had great praise for your book. She just started it and she talked about what she had read for a good twenty to thirty minutes…she especially likes the way you write. I wanted to pass along the compliment.”

CCC—Atlanta, February 1, 2003 (by email)

“Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your book; you have a very easy literary style. Just by coincidence, I started replaying the Ken Burns PBS special jazz…it’s eerie and fun to read and hear the parallels in your book and the series.”

RH—Houston, September 2, 2002 (by email)

“Your book is great, one of those page turners that hardly lets you finish the last sentence before turning. Your ability to absorb history and then spin it back in such a fashionable way is remarkable. The good and the bad is there—whether we like it or not…I particularly found interesting the history of slavery… I have always been intrigued by the difference between intelligence and sense. You seem to have the gift of having both in balanced proportions and the unique ability to write history so that it ‘lives’ rather than being cold rarified material in some history book.”

RK, MD—Houston, August 25, 2001 (by letter)

“I’m really enjoying The Bridge – in fact, I can hardly put it down…

PB—Houston, September 28, 2001 (by greeting card)

“First of all, I just can’t thank K. & H. enough for having you send us that great book that Cary wrote, The Bridge To The 21st Century. And our thanks to you, Cary, for writing such a dynamic book of information that was so visual and such pleasant reading…all in all we can’t thank you enough for sharing the book with us and we hope for many more…we fully admire your terrific talent.”

B & BA—Grinnell, IA, February 24, 2003 (by letter)

“I finally finished (Mr. Coole’s) book tonight. Please thank him for taking the time and effort to write it; and encourage him to write the next one. I found the book to be creative, thought provoking and most of all inspiring. It is great to see…a book/commentary on society and make it work so well. [Sic] Please share with him my congratulations on a great book.”

BB – Georgia (30 something), August 1, 2003 (by email)

“Thanks for sending a copy of your book. I’m to page 97 and enjoying it. Would you please send a copy to …please find my check enclosed...”

HW—Arizona, January 23, 2002

“I enjoyed [The Bridge to the 21st Century] immensely and was educated and captivated at the same time. You have struck a perfect balance between illustrating history and its impact…my generation has much to profit from your book. We are dealing with a generation that does not really read that much and has fallen into the Internet habit of instant news and then only those that interest them or their pursuits. The book is the ‘silver bullet’ for my generation. History in a dry textbook format has left a bad taste in our mouths. I believe there is a need and an unspoken desire to relate to and understand our role and ‘duties’ to America. We realize that without a proper road map to help us understand our origins, we are destined to fail. It is this unspoken desire that this book taps into.

“The digestibility of your book is one of its greatest assets …this book fits the ‘Cliff Note generation’ just right. It captivates its readers by creating a common thread of a family line and its walk through the century. We need this plot and sense of connection; after all, that is how movies captivate us and your technique is right on cue.”

NH—Colorado Springs (30 something), September 17, 2002 (by email)

“After reading this book I realized this is something that I want to keep on my bookcase for easy reference. The author reflects on his family in Texas and uses their lives as references to the events of the 20th century...sort of like a Grapes of Wrath. This is probably one of those books that is in the top 10 least known about, that need to be read.”

CCC—Georgia (30 something), December 18, 2002

“I’ve just finished reading The Bridge to the 21st Century. I enjoyed it very much. Cary Coole’s treatment of a period of time that I lived through was realistic, meaningful, and entertaining. It’s authentic and well written. I hope he keeps on writing.”

LS—Naples, Fl, August 2002