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The surprising Mick Malone

In cricket, there is a concept known as the One-Test Wonder. As it suggests, it refers to a player who had some remarkable achievement after playing a single match of this kind. Currently, online betting is easy with 1xBet, and it features different types of cricket matches, including Test contests. A great example of a One-Test Wonder is Australian Mick Malone. He had a brief international career that lasted between 1977 and 1982. During that period he participated in a single Test match and also in 10 One-Day International events. However, this single Test where he participated would elevate him to legendary status. Currently, with 1xBet online betting is easy, and it can be used to wager on ODI, Test matches and also Twenty20s.

A relatively brief career

Not only Malone’s international career was quite brief. His domestic career was also very short. Specifically, he played this sport for only eight years, between 1974 and 1982. When the teams where he played are going to feature in a match, you can bet on cricket now - 1xBet bookmaker features lots of possible outcomes. The squads where Mick Malone played throughout his career included: Western Australia; Lancashire; and also the Australian national team. The player also had a brief spell in the controversial World Series Cricket competition. The 1xBet bookmaker can be used to bet on cricket now on lots of matches of this sport taking place everywhere around the world.

Impressing in Test cricket

Malone was selected for the Australian national squad for the first time in 1977. The squad was scheduled to play some Test and One-Day International matches during a tour to England in that year. Before the next game of the Australian and English teams, you can visit 1xbetbd.com/casino and explore its great selection of games. Eventually, Mick Malone got his opportunity to perform in a Test match in late 1977 against the English team. The player had a brilliant moment after making a spectacular five-wicket haul. Additionally, he also scored 46 runs. This helped Australia to draw the match. However, due to different circumstances, Malone never again played in Test cricket. Although he performed in a few ODI matches later, he was unable to repeat his excellent feats in Test matches. While waiting for different international cricket events, don’t forget to explore the possibilities available at the great 1xBet online casino.